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Our goal is to bring soccer coaches and athletes around the world an unmatched resource to support you in the journey to #AmplifyYourGame. 

From soccer drills and exercises, to soccer-specific nutrition guides, fitness activities and mental game performance, readers will enjoy a well-rounded soccer experience. Content contributions come from some of the top professional training, nutrition, mental game and fitness leaders in the industry.

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While you’re in off-season or as you're getting ready for the season, here's a great individual goalkeeper technical training plan to help you take your game to the next level.

Goalkeepers need to be in great shape and prepared to defend every inch of the net behind them during the course of a long game. That means practices have to be productive to prepare you for game day. The best goalkeepers do more than just stop shots. Once the goalkeeper has the soccer ball, he or she becomes an attacking player. Just like any attacking player, the keeper wants to move the ball towards the other goal in possession if possible. If a keeper wants to learn how to throw or punt or dropkick the ball better or more accurately, high repetition is required.

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Chris "Trainer" Gorres

Trying to take your game to the next level? For all things fitness and strength building, Chris Gorres is the man. Chris maximizes your potential with online training programs that are designed to match your specific needs and goals. For more information and more content check out his website. Chris will help you increase your speed, agility, quickness. He also specializes in injury prevention, strength and power for sports, rehabilitation, and overall fitness/weight loss. Click on the cover image below for a more detailed description of each program. The programs available in the app are for individual use. These training programs are now available as a downloadable pdf to share with your club and team. Click here to shop the pdf versions.

Ali Krieger is known as one of the fastest players on the US Women's National team and one of the best defenders in the World.  Her speed allows her to make plays all over the field, winning the ball on one end, and attacking on the other.  Learn how to train like Ali with a plyometric program designed by her personal trainer, Chris Gorres. This program will help you develop the speed and explosiveness you need to compete on a world class level!

This program includes 15 pages including pictures, descriptions, and workouts.

There are many risk factors involved with head trauma, but Neck Strength is the only risk factor that can be modified. Concussed athletes had a smaller neck circumference and less overall strength. In untrained youth, the odds of a concussion dropped 5% for every pound of neck strength. So while we may never be able to fully prevent a concussion, we can develop the muscles around the neck to reduce the risk.

This program includes 15 pages including pictures, descriptions, and workouts.

Performance Conditioning Soccer

Performance Conditioning Soccer’s mission is to improve soccer performance through the conditioning process. This process includes providing soccer-specific educational information for the 14 areas of conditioning including: developing power, strength/stability, speed, agility, endurance, proper nutrition and recovery methods, testing, injury prevention and more.

This mission is primarily achieved through the publication Performance Conditioning Soccer Newsletter with over 650 articles from 261 authors published for over 16 years. Find out more at their website.

The movements needed to play soccer make it one of the most demanding sports in the world and one of the most demanding sports on our bodies. It is a sport that requires us to accelerate, decelerate, cut, change direction, and accelerate again. Speed, and the movements most associated with speed, often gets overlooked in our training programs. If you look at the movements needed to play soccer and the demands of the game of soccer, we as coaches and players need to incorporate more speed training into our programs in order to train for the demands that we will experience during practices and games and these speed training programs will result in a faster and more powerful and explosive player on the pitch.

Table of Contents

  • Soccer Speed – What You Should Know First
  • Training for Speed – The Basics
  • 14 Video Exercises to Improve Acceleration and Speed

What is Lateral Speed/Agility? - It’s the ability to change direction with minimum loss of speed and is part of a comprehensive soccer-specific speed development program. 

For effective soccer play, athletes must be able to keep their bodies under control in small spaces and during change of direction. It is important to start with proper bio-mechanics of footwork and multi-directional movement.  Once players have mastered the mechanics, they should work to build foot speed, acceleration and coordination. Finally, add linear, lateral and change of direction movements.

Table of Contents

  • Soccer Speed Development System Based on the Movements of the Game
  • Using Free Weights as a Tool to Improve Lateral Movement Performance in Soccer with Video
  • 12 Video Exercises to Improve Agility and Quickness