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Note From Coach: Hey Brooke! Great session this week. We really got a good workout in using all ball. Watch your videos below and see how you can improve. You tend to favor your right foot, especially when juggling. Try to get in some extra juggling practice and focus on only using your left foot until you get more comfortable with it. You are doing great on all of the moves, we just need to keep the repetition up so that you are more confident with each one. See you Tuesday!

Brooke Parks - Tuesdays at 6:30pm

8/24/2015 Evaluation

Technical Test (# of Touches in 1 Minute):

Toe Touches: 126
Bells: 134
Rolls & Pulls: 90
Touches in the Box: 65

Dribble Test

Right Foot: 14 seconds
Left Foot: 17 seconds
Both Feet: 15 seconds

Passing Accuracy (# of cones knocked down at 10 Yards)

Inside Foot (L): 3/5  (R): 3/5
Laces (L): 0/5  (R): 2/5

Agility Ladders (two times through)

1 Foot In: 6 seconds
2 Feet In: 8 seconds
Sideways 2 Feet In: 12 seconds
2 In 2 Out: 15 seconds

Juggling (Feet Only)

Total: 13