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What does it take to be a champion? This is the question that we explore in this issue of Amplified Soccer Athlete. We have pulled together insights from World Cup, MLS, NWSL and NCAA champion players and coaches. 

“Champions tend to be a different breed. They are the uncommon living a life less ordinary,” states Dan Abrahams in his article on A Champion’s Mentality. “They suffer pain in the moment, every day, for the pleasure of a far off result. It’s not easy being a champion.”

“It takes courage to dream big and then to allow nothing to prevent you from realizing that dream,” says Tony DiCicco, Former Head Coach USA Women's National Soccer Team, who answered some questions for us on building a championship team.

“To be a champion you have to believe in yourself. You have to have the courage to put in the hard work. A champion takes responsibility for their training,” declares Amy LePeilbet of 2015 NWSL Champions, FC Kansas City, in our interview with her and teammate, Liz Bogus.

“In my mind, each one of us is capable of and set on earth for a unique and awe inspiring quest.” Michelle Akers explains in The Ethos of Champions.

“We need to empower people who live out that champion status even in life itself.” Coach Reed explores being a champion off the field in his article, Victory Beyond the Game.

What’s the experience of winning a championship like? Yael Averbuch, What Makes Up a Championship Team?, and Ross LaBauex, Being A Champion, have won both a college and professional championship during their careers and they highlight for us that experience as a player.

We have all of this and more!

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Full Table of Contents

The Champions Issue by Amplified Soccer
Building a Championship Team; An Interview with Tony DiCicco
What Makes Up a Championship Team by Yael Averbuch
Improving Neck Strength by Trainer Gorres
A Champion’s Mentality by Dan Abrahams
Victory Beyond the Game by Coach Reed
The Ethos of Champions by Michelle Akers
Mental Soccer Skills Training - The Hook
Wall Passing Developmental Workouts from SoccerFIT
Soccer Awareness: Basic Principles of Development (One Touch Play)
Being a Champion – Ross LaBauex, NCAA & MLS Champion
What Does it Take to Become a Champion? / An interview with FC Kansas City’s Amy LePeilbet & Liz Bogus
Goalkeeper Technical Workout Part 4: Distribution Out of Hands