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A lot of athletes, wants to continue to play following the end of their intercollegiate career. For most college athletes that playing opportunity does not come at the highest level of their sport. A quick look at the statistics shows that only a little more than 1% of NCAA men’s college soccer players will go on to play at the MLS level in the United States. That calculation does not include the tens of thousands of athletes also playing at the NAIA, NJCAA and similar levels. While NCAA does not have similar calculations for women’s soccer the numbers would be smaller with more women’s collegiate soccer players than men’s and fewer NWSL teams.

This means that athletes must look for additional opportunities to continue to play at various levels of competition. Fortunately for them, opportunities are plenty, but waiting to be discovered. We’ve featured a number of these opportunities in this issue and will have more on our website over the next month.

Ultimately, we simply recommend that if you want to continue playing that you search out those opportunities because they exist.  Our last article is from Dr. Jay Williams, whose piece focuses on the benefits of playing soccer as an adult. The bottom line is that playing soccer is more enjoyable than traditional exercises and can be a great benefit to overall health.  

Play for the love of the game and your long-term health!

As always, the issue features strength and fitness training, ball control drills and more to help you play at your highest level now and for years to come. Content contributions come from some of the top professional training, nutrition, mental-game and fitness leaders in the industry. We know you’ll enjoy your experience.

Here’s to Amplifying Your Game,
Amplified Soccer Athlete

Full Table of Contents

How to Play Soccer as Long as You Can
Interview with Megan Tabler, International Academic & Soccer Academy
Interview with Jeff Thompson, Graduate Program Recruitment, IASA
Using Free Weights as a Tool to Improve Lateral Movement Performance
Nick Shackelford, The life of a semi-professional soccer player in the United States
Finishing In Tight Spaces from SoccerFIT
Soccer – A Thinking Game by Dan Abrahams
Keeping up with the Team By John De Witt
How do Top College-Soccer Players Spend their Summers? 
Wall Passing Developmental Workouts from SoccerFIT
Soccer Decision Making Flow Chart by
What is Futsal? 
Goalkeeper Technical Workout Part 3 – Footwork
Recreational Soccer: The Magic Pill for Adult Health?