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We’ve broken this issue into two valuable parts:

  1. Providing you with more off-season training plans and ideas
  2. Helping you win the mental game


Push through the off-season. Yael Averbuch, Midfielder for F.C. Kansas City and U.S. Women’s National Team, provides insights into how she stays motivated during the off-season. We’ve also included a 4 Person Soccer Juggling drill from YFutbol featuring professional and National Team soccer players Whitney Engen, Amber Brooks, Kim DeCesare and Heather O'Reilly. See how you and your friends compare.

Improve your game speed fitness. SoccerFit Academy provides us with 6 Off-Season Fitness Workouts to Improve Game Speed Fitness and a Manchester United Fitness Test that you can do to work on your fitness.

Jump on a bike! Exercise your body without the impacts of running – use elliptical trainers or stationary bikes. John De Witt, Head Sports Performance Coach, Houston Dynamo Academy, provides us with three different bike workouts that you can do to vary your routine.

Work on your technical and tactical fitness. Part 2 of our piece from Total Soccer Fitness & Training includes Linear & Lateral Movement Drills and Cone-to-Cone Drills for technical speed and endurance training.

Finally, try our 60 minute technical skills training plan. Designing a workout plan for yourself can be difficult and overwhelming. For many athletes, they aren’t even sure where to begin. Let us help you. This is a 60 minute workout that will challenge you both technically and physically.


Are you self-motivated? Do you take responsibility for your own training and performance? Ian McClurg, Founder of 1 v 1 Soccer, UEFA “A” licensed coach and former Toronto FC Academy staff coach, points out in his article, The Importance of Self –Motivation in Becoming a Top Player, that the self-motivated players are the ones that go on to play at the highest levels of the game.

Can you slow things down and control your concentration and composure while on the field? Coaches Training Room provides us with seven key steps that a soccer player can take to slow things down and think more clearly in order to make good decisions on the field.

Do you know how to avoid a slump in play? Dan Abrahams in his article on Preventing a Slump in Form states, “I think self-talk is as important as first touch. By developing the ability to use your self-talk so you improve your capability of managing yourself on the pitch. By saying (self-talk) ‘What next?’ rather thanking thinking (thought) ‘What now?’ so you give yourself a chance to play proactively.”

Mastering these mental tactics will help you take your game to the next level.

We have all of this and lots more in this issue of Amplified Soccer Athlete magazine, including an interview with Amy LePeilbet, who retired in December leaving behind a remarkable career that included two National Women’s Soccer League titles with FC Kansas City and an Olympic Gold Medal in 2012 with the U.S. Women’s National Team.  

Here’s to Amplifying Your Game,

Amplified Soccer Athlete

Full Table of Contents

Win the Mental Game and Improve Your Fitness this Off-Season
The Pareto Principle: Get the Most out of Your Training Sessions from Become Elite
Pushing Through the Off-Season with One Question: Why? By Yael Averbuch
Off-Season Training Drills Part 2 by Total Soccer Fitness & Training
Dynamo Academy Cycling Workout by By John De Witt, Head Sports Performance Coach, Houston Dynamo Academy
6 Off-Season Fitness Workouts to Improve Game Speed Fitness from SoccerFIT Academy
60 Minute Technical Skills Training Plan
Preventing a Slump in Form by Global Sports Psychologist, Dan Abrahams
Slow the Game Down: Winning the Mental Game from Coaches Training Room
The Importance of Self-Motivation in Becoming a Top Player by Ian McClurg, 1 v 1 Soccer
Re-inventing the Wheel; The Key to Improved Agility and Motion by Steve Maryland, Soccer Conditioning Specialist
Choosing the Right Personal Trainer by Chris Gorres
10 Questions With….Amy LePeilbet, Former NWSL and USWNT Defender