IRS 501(c)3 public charity EIN# 42-1754654   All contributions are Tax Deductible!     Michelle Akers   @The Farm   Powder Springs, GA

IRS 501(c)3 public charity EIN# 42-1754654 All contributions are Tax Deductible!

Michelle Akers
@The Farm
Powder Springs, GA



A Letter From Michelle's Friend, Abby...

"Greatness is intentional" - Meaning its something you do everyday..."on purpose"... to be great. Michelle Akers did that as a soccer player, and now she's doing it with her horse rescue.  She tries to make their lives "great" everyday.

Michelle does an awesome job taking care of her horses. But she desperately needs our help. When it rains her pastures flood and her barn floods. Her horses have no where to go. Many times their hay even gets soaked. The barn needs to be relocated or even rebuilt on higher ground. Her land needs to be fixed so that when it rains the water has somewhere else to go. To fix these things will cost a lot of money. Money she does not have.

I met Michelle last summer at a soccer camp. I had watched every video and read every book I could find about her. She is a champion, a legend and a warrior. Meeting her was a dream come true. After camp, I had the chance to stay at The Farm and train. I went for soccer, but what I received was so much more - empowerment, leadership and best of all friendship. When Michelle talks to me I listen. Because I know she is speaking from her heart. Michelle is my friend.  Her horses are her family and my friends. And friends don't leave friends hanging when they are in need. I have to help.

Make a "great" today! "Greatness IS intentional" - Donate to Michelle Akers Horse Rescue, Please!

Thank you,

Abby Romanisko
Age 10

Watch more on Michelle's moving story...

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Click through the images below to see the damage from the flooding on the farm.

My experiences with Michelle have been unforgettable and the Farm was a huge part of that.

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