Why Soccer Is Your Best Fat-Fighting Bet

It’s all in the numbers when it comes to soccer and weight loss, and according to those numbers, a 155-pound person only needs to play a half-hour game of soccer to burn 260 calories. This means that in order to lose 2 pounds of fat per month without making any other changes, a game of soccer three times a week for an hour will do the trick. But there’s more to just losing fat that makes soccer an ideal way to trim those muffin tops. All that huffing and puffing affects other parts of the body that will make you happy for donning that pair of cleats. 

A League Of Its Own 

In the UK, a soccer league that focuses primarily on fat loss for men is gaining momentum as men join their favorite pastime with the desire to lose fat. Man v Fat Football League targets men with a BMI over 30 and the reward structure includes rewards for pounds lost and games won. The league has a 95% success rate in weight loss and the results speak for themselves. When you combine fat training with something you love, the chances of seeing results are quite high. 

A Lifestyle Change Is Better Than A Diet 

Those who have to wage the battle of the bulge every day need to do more than avoid certain aisles in the grocery store. Research reveals a lifestyle change is needed to overcome the weight loss battle, and that includes an overhaul of the way we structure our entire day. Weight loss requires more than just a good run on a pitch, and those who are successful at soccer know this. There is also the ever-important nutrition where food is used to fuel the body, and certain foods just provide so much more nutritionally dense goodness than others. Food is also a great boost to the immune system and can help players reduce inflammation and injuries

A Fat Loss Cycle 

One of the most important things to kickstart fat burning after you’ve introduced soccer and a healthy eating plan into your daily routine is to ensure that you incorporate other exercises into your diet to promote muscle tone. Not only is this an important component to getting stronger, but it also helps the metabolism work at a rate that breaks down fat faster. Certain resistance training exercise regimes such as plank and crunches tend to go a long way to build muscle tone. Muscle tone also aids in the overall appearance of your body, as weight loss alone can result in saggy skin. 

Weight loss through soccer is not only possible but for those who have a passion for the sport, it’s a great way to get the blood pumping. Combine a few sessions out on the pitch with a healthy diet, plenty of water, and muscle toning routines to get a sleeker physique.