When and why should your players use partner and a ball training with the Training Triangle?

The Training Triangle provides a portable and affordable solution for coaches to implement mannequin training with their players, regardless of whether or not they are training in a world class facility, a gym floor, or their front yard. With The Triangle Training Method learn mannequin training exercises used by top European teams such as Arsenal and Bayern Munich as well as games that create environments to pass and play in triangles. All age groups and skill levels can benefit from this type of training. Purchase separately or as part of your Team Set purchase.

Partner and a ball training can be used anytime you as a coach want to quickly and effectively wake your players feet up and sharpen their touch at the beginning of a training session, or to train their technique on specific skills.  The triangle takes the spatial dimensions of a defender, forcing your players to practice soccer specific movements off the ball to move from one side of the triangle, or defender, to the other.

Partner and a ball training is perfect for the beginning of practice sessions or before a match, to get players feet moving quickly and sharpen their touch before competition.  Partner and a ball training can also be used for players for self improvement of different techniques such as cruyff, pullback v, volleys, headers, and many more.

Partner and a Ball Warmup

layers working on their own first with a partner and a ball.  One player is working while the other passes the ball to either side of the triangle which is simulating a defender.  The player working is moving his feet quickly around the triangle and focusing on technique using all different types of passes, doing three reps of quality with his right and three reps of quality with his left before switching with his partner.

Examples of pass types:

  • Inside Foot One Touch
  • Inside Foot Two Touch
  • Outside Foot Two Touch
  • aces
  • Inside Foot Volley    
  • Laces Volley
  • Two Touch In The Air
  • eaders

Learn how to implement all of these partner and a ball training exercises, as well as mannequin training and small sided games that all age groups can benefit from in The Triangle Training Method eBook (ios + android app available now), included with your team set of Training Triangles.   Purchase separately or as part of your Team Set purchase.