Top 17 Coaching Articles of 2017

We've reviewed our analytics for the past year and below we have counted down the 17 most read posts on Amplified Soccer in 2017. Thank you to all of our contributors that helped make it an amazing year. We hope everyone has a great 2018!

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1.    9 TED Talks Soccer Coaches Should Watch

These 9 TED talks cover leadership, motivation, inspiring action, developing leaders, the power of belief and more. Each speaker’s message is under 18 minutes in length and contains innovative ideas that can be applied to your coaching. Don't try to watch all of these in one sitting but bookmark this page and come back from time to time as you need new inspiration. Hopefully at least one of these gets you thinking about your ability to motivate and impact not only your team's performance but also your players' lives. Watch Here

2.    Ranking The 10 Greatest Free-kick Takers of All-Time

Provided by Projectsportsmastery

Football is a game watched all over the world and attracts more and more audience as each day passes. You can score in a football match in many ways and one of them include scoring from a direct free kick. Not many footballers can however do this consistently as it requires both precision and power combined well to beat the free kick wall as well as the goalkeeper. While this has been hard for many players to achieve, some few players have made the task look so easy by scoring from free kicks any time they get the chance to. Here are the top ten greatest free-kick takers of all times. 

3.    Developing Decision Making Speed in Soccer

Proved by Performance Conditioning Soccer

This article discusses an equally important element affecting soccer performance - decision making speed. A player's ability to make correct split- second decisions is particularly critical at higher levels of competition where time and space are limited. The individual who can consistently choose the best course of action from a variety of possible options under conditions of limited time, restricted space, physical fatigue and challenging opponents will have a decided edge on players who lack that ability. Read More

4.    Full Triangle Training Method Session #1

This soccer training session comes from The Triangle Training Method.

With The Triangle Training Method learn mannequin training exercises used by top European teams such as Arsenal and Bayern Munich as well as games that create environments to pass and play in triangles. All age groups and skill levels can benefit from this type of training. Start practice getting your players feet moving and touches left foot and right foot with the Diamond Passing Warm up. Read More

5.    Passing Patterns to Combine

The following session comes from Juan Sanchez, Head Coach at Mt. San Antonio College, and was presented at the Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic.

Passing patterns are designed patterns which players execute in a pre-set order. The patterns can range from very simple to very complex. These Passing Patterns to Combine drills develop technical ability, increase coordination of player movements, establish timing & rhythm, increase passing accuracy and player focus. Read More

6.    Youth Conditioning - Integrating Speed, Agility, Strength and Fitness Training into Practice

Provided by Performance Conditioning Soccer

Time is always a consideration, with some club teams coming together only a few times a week. The coach has a lot to worry about. For coaches pressed for time, make speed and agility part of your warm up routine. Here's a progression that you can use. Read More

7.    9 More TED Talks Soccer Coaches Should Watch

Some more TED Talks were brought to our attention and we came across some others that we missed so here are 9 more TED Talks that every coach should watch.

These 9 TED talks cover building teams, the importance of a coach's words, leadership, concussions and more. Don't try to watch all of these in one sitting but bookmark this page and come back from time to time as you need new inspiration. Hopefully at least one of these gets you thinking about your ability to motivate and impact not only your team's performance but also your players' lives. Watch Now

8.    Top 5 Goalkeeper Training Videos

Goalkeepers are an integral part to all soccer teams. They are often the vocal leaders and the organizers keeping the team in sync on the field. Since they are the only position to use their hands and have the massive responsibility of keeping the ball out of the back of the net, their training requires special treatment and a high level of intensity. This can be difficult as the only position that performs these tasks, especially when training alone.

We have pulled together some of the most popular Goalkeeper specific training videos from YouTube and also added in some favorites that should help you as you train to become the next Hope Solo or Brad Guzan. Watch Now

9.    Diamond Training: Inside Liverpool's Preseason

This video provided by The Triangle Training Method shows Jurgen Klopp conducting Diamond Training with Liverpool during preseason at Stanford University. Watch Now

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10.    Simple Core Routine for Soccer Players

From Lori Lindsey

In soccer it is imperative that players are able to control their core as it allows for integration of the lower body with the upper body to transfer force from the ground upward and outward (ie. kicking, changing direction). If soccer players are unable to stabilize their core then it leaves them susceptible to injury and limits their performance and capabilities. With that said, here is a core circuit that would be a better option for the athletes. Read More

11.    What Players Aged 9-12 Should Focus On – A 4 Corner Model

Provided by 1v1 Soccer FC

I am often asked what young players, aged 9-12 should focus on. The effect of role-models is very important at this stage of development. Young players should seek out role models and identify players and teams to follow. Young players should also begin to transition from being self-centered to being self-critical.  This is the “golden age of learning” and the most important age for skill development. This is also an important time to start to understand basic principles of play. Read More

12.    Barcelona Rondo: Angled Passing and Moving in 4s

From Soccer Awareness

This is a very simple but effective angled passing and moving drill teaching speed of play; accuracy of passing and angles of support. The Secret: Each player is assessing options ahead of their involvement, not during or worse still, after. This is a grounding to prepare the thinking process in players in a very simple but effective way. The real test is when they get to ONE TOUCH passing and moving. Read More

13.    Mentally Prepare to Coach

From Dan Abrahams

In this article Westside United coach, Josh Brown, points out a crucial differentiator when it comes to success and failure as a coach – being mentally prepared to deliver. If we demand it from players then we need to demand it from ourselves – we need to be as mentally robust as them. Read More

14.    Individual Defending Exercises

From Jeff Tipping

All coaches want players who are aggressive on defense, but if this aggressiveness is not tempered with sound technical skills and tactical decisions, the aggressiveness can lead to breakdowns in the team defense. Common individual mistakes include a player overrunning an attacker rather than closing down and containing, players not tackling at the proper moment and a player reverting to slide tackling in the open field as a primary option rather than a last resort.

Following is a practical session that addresses the individual skills of tackling, closing down and containing from the front and back -- as well as exercises that incorporate these skills into a team's defense. Read More

15.    5 v 2 to 2 v 1 Small Sided Passing and Receiving Game

From Smedley's Soccer Site

The two teams in the central zones are playing 5 v 2. After making five passes, the attacking team can play the ball into the 2 v 1 in the end zone. From there, the two attackers finish on goal. If the defenders win the ball, they are allowed a free pass into any zone that they choose. Read More

16.    Aerobic Endurance Training Session

Provided by Ritchie Semple

If you want to compete at your best at soccer, you need to commit to pre-season training, so that your team’s strength and cardiovascular fitness peaks at the right time.  The drill below is part of a full 6 Week Pre-Season Training Plan. This plan is a guide to how you should be preparing to be at your best next season. Read More

17.    Awareness Session Warm Up

From Soccer Awareness

Use one or two balls per team for passing and moving (or more).You can keep it interesting by changing the theme for each awareness session e.g. passing to feet or space, opposite colors, receiving and turning, one touch / two touch, 1-2’s, crossovers etc. This workout is game specific and should particularly be used before actual games. Include stretches. Read More