The Best Soccer Coaches Resources From Around The Web: September 18

We didn't post these, but we still think they are good. Here are some of the best online posts containing drills, strategy, nutrition, mental game resources and more from the past week.

Counter-Pressing Exercise 4 vs 2 at 6 vs 4


In the inner field (12 x 8m) Red plays against Blue a 4 v 2. Red plays with two possible touches. If Blue gains possession, they are allowed to include the four blue utility players on the outsides. Red is allowed to hinder these passes. If Blue accomplishes a pass to the outside players, a 6 v 4 with the aim to hold the ball as long as possible will be played in the entire field. Get The Full Drill

Players do like coaches who think positively

from Marijan Hizak

Always try to think positively! Most of the coaches do not take this recommendation seriously because they do not understand what it really means or do not consider it as useful and effective. A positive attitude leads to a boundless source of motivation aimed at success and victory. Read More

A Coach’s Voice

by James Leath

Consider asking the parents of your students about what message you as a coach could help reinforce. Raising great kids is a team effort, and beautiful things can happen when coaches, teachers, and parents work together to help a child grow up.

As parents and coaches, we are in the business of creating adults, so the more we can work together, the better off our future adults will be. Read More

Advocating a Strategy

from Karl Dewazien

Remember, the first rule of thumb is that our kids are in sports for enjoyment and physical activity. But this doesn’t mean that all caution is to be thrown to the wind at any cost for a win or a trophy (fewer than 1 in 1 million will make pro ranks). So we advocate a strategy for “smart play.” Read More

How to Inspire Students to Do What’s Right

from Growing Leaders

Every teacher, coach, employer and parent wants to influence their young people to do what they know is right. Far too often, however, we merely emulate what our parents did with us, as we grew up. We tell them they “ought to” do the right thing. The problem is, ideas like “ought to” and “should” often feel negative. For centuries, in our quest to build a sense of responsibility in our students, we’ve used “duty” or “guilt” motivation. Let’s be honest—it doesn’t work well. Sometimes poor choices feel pleasurable at the time and good choices often feel unrewarding in the moment. Further, a sense of duty develops later in many students. Read More

Soccer Players - Eat Right: Menu Ideas

from Goal Nation

Soccer players commonly ask me “What should I eat before a tournament like State Cup?” — Here are some actual menu suggestions to help youth soccer players perform at their peak when competition in a youth soccer tournament — and, of course, good luck! Read More

The Modern 2-6-2 Formation

From Coach DiBernardo

The game of soccer is perpetually in a constant state of change; as new tactical trends appear each and every season. Some of the changes are adaptations and variations from the past, while others are completely original. If we roll back the clock to the first international friendly match ever played in 1872, you would have witnessed England playing a 1-2-7 formation, against the Scottish 2-2-6. Soccer’s early formations were built with few players in the back and many up top. Read More

Playing against long ball teams

from Soccer Coach Weekly

Defending against the long ball, or ball over the top, is a topic I have tackled throughout my coaching career – it can be a frustrating experience. Every team uses the long ball sometimes because it can be a very effective weapon. Read More

Training Day – How to Train Intentionally

from Dan Abrahams

Ok, I’m want to train to the best of my ability today. The most important thing is I train to learn…I train to improve…

How am I going to do this?

I have to make my training INTENTIONAL – this means it has to be interesting, intense, integrated and internalised. Read More