The Best Soccer Coaches Resources From Around The Web: August 6

We didn't post these, but we still think they are good. Here is a look at the best soccer coach blog posts, resources, drills and more from the past weeks around the web:

Put Winning in Perspective


Winning is part and parcel of playing football – it’s there, it exists and no-one can deny that. But it must also be put in perspective, particularly when striving to help young players improve (and also when trying to actually develop a winning team!!) In this article Josh Brown (@gaffer_brown) talks to us about the epiphany he’s had within his relationship with winning. Read More

The New World Ballers

from @PeterPrickett


In 2010 the merest use of the phrase, especially when coupled with the word “unbelievable” was enough to set me on edge. I could not stand it. The term was childish, baby like and down played the importance of beautiful technique.

Fortunately I have gotten younger as I have grown older. Read More

Cognitive Soccer Headsets & the Socratic Method

by Coach DiBernardo

Every year in July for the past five or six years, I take the bus from NYC to Bethlehem Pennsylvania to coach at the EDP Soccer ID Camp. The coaching staff at the camp literally comes from around the country, and includes some of some of the best college and club coaches in America. Having access to all these top coaches, presents a rare opportunity for me to pick their soccer brains in an informal environment. This year I decided to write some blog posts about the experience, so I could share with you some of what I picked up. I will do a few of these posts, sharing one experience at a time. The first post touches on a conversation I had with Paul Marco the Head Men’s Coach at Binghamton University, who is one the most forwarded thinking coaches in the country. Read More

Drill of the Day: Defensive Transition

from Smedleys Soccer Site

Progression: Why Simple Doesn't Mean Easy

from It’s Just a Sport

Put yourself in this situation. You are preparing a session for your coaching certification. You were directed to create a training session to improve a team’s ability to play through the midfield using a 3-4-3 system. You review your notes to make sure that you are incorporating all the necessary elements your professors have instructed you on throughout the course. You come across a something you’ve written down; the importance of progression in a training session. So you decide that you must design your practice starting with something easy and progress to a more difficult element. Surely, that’s what they mean by progression, right? Read More

Google it! What Youth Sports Can Learn from the Tech Giant About Building Great Teams

by Coach Reed at Changing The Game Project

How could a team so talented, selected from the world’s best league, from the country that invented basketball, not win gold?

On paper, this was another “dream team”. In reality, it was dubbed the “nightmare team”. They were the best we had, but somehow they could not function at their highest possible output. Instead of a perfect team, they were a perfect disaster. What happened?

The answer may be as simple as turning to Google…Read More

Do you have doubts about your abilities?

from Marijan Hizak

I guess that you as a football coach already found yourself in a situation when you had doubts about your team’s ability to do something?

 “Can I do that? Is my team capable of doing it? “

Numerous studies have been carried out on this subject have shown that people who believe in their capabilities achieve better results. This means that football coaches who are confident are more likely not to lose a match against favored opponent team than the coaches who poses the same abilities but are suspicious about the end result. Read More

Passing Pairs Rondo

from Soccer Coach Weekly

Passing Pairs Rondo

Straight from the Fulham Academy training ground, this warm-up will help develop your team’s ability to use both feet and to pass accurately. Read More

7 Traits of an Amazing Youth Soccer Coach

from Coachable

To be a soccer coach, you must possess a number of essential requirements. It goes beyond being a good tactician or being able to handle different aspects of gameplay. Coaches at youth level serve as a role model and as a father figure to the young kids. Also, you have to gain the complete trust of their parents. For one to be regarded as a great youth coach, here ar 7 essential traits you need for the job. Read More

To Drill or NOT to Drill?

from FUNdamental Soccer

Drill – How often have your players come to you during a practice session and asked, “Coach, can we please do a soccer drill?” vs. asking you, “Coach, can we please plan a soccer game?”

When you were a child (if you can remember that far back), did you get together with your friends and say, “Hey, how about we do a soccer drill?”

Name the sport (baseball, basketball, football) and try to remember which “drill” you asked your friends to participate in … Or did you just get out together, choose teams and being playing that particular game – maybe with a few modifications due to the number of players, facility, etc. available? Read More