Team Games to Develop Your Goalkeeper

This session was presented at the 2018 Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic by Lisa Cole. Register today for the 2019 Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic.

4v4 Shooting Game

3v1 in each zone. Players in the zone closest to their goal can’t go into the other zone unless they are receiving the ball off the target and then only have 1/2 touch max.

Looking for tons of shots. Everywhere is shooting range.


Flank Play GK sees realistic crosses and shots in tight spaces.

3 teams of 6 (can also just be two teams with rotation).

a) Crossers and Plus players are on the same team. All have 2 touch except when heading end line (past the yellow cones but need to play at game speed).

b) Other teams are looking to score, 1 point for any goal, 3 points for a header or volley.

Ball needs to be played wide before they can score but it doesn’t have to be scored off a cross but the points system will encourage them to cross. Crossers need to stay on-sides.


8v7 Dealing with the Space behind the Back Line

Team of 8 is playing to big goals, playing in 3.2.3

Team of 7 is playing to two wide goals, playing in 4.3

If needed you can play 9v7 to create more opportunities or add players who have limited to touches to slip the ball through.

GK always needs to have keeper call if they are coming for 1v1, they have the right of way in training and FP must jump.


10v8 Playing out of the back

Team of 10 are playing to counter attack goals in a 4-3-3 (or your system).

Team of 8 are mixing up pressing and dropping off to prevent goal on the two small goals.

Ball always starts with the GK / goal kick or from hands after shot.