Team Crossing Exercise

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Use this drill to work with your goalkeeper on dealing with crosses from the flanks and the field players to work on near and far post runs.

Set-up: Position the working goalkeeper in the goal. Server 1 stands just inside the center circle with a group of balls. Servers 2 and 3 start 35 yards from goal, and ten yards in from the side line. Player 4 (far post runner), starts close to server 3, and player 5 (near post runner), starts 35 yards out and even with the corner of the six yard box.

team crossing exercise
  1. Server 1 drives the ball into server 2.

  2. Server 2 wall passes with server 3, who is checking back to the ball.

  3. Server 3 slots the ball down the line for server 2.

  4. Server 2 makes his run down the outside channel and crosses it in the box. Players 4 and 5 time their runs to the near and far post.

  5. The goalkeeper either cuts off the cross, or makes the save from players 4 and 5.


  1. Goalkeeper must distribute to server 1 in order to start the exercise.

  2. Add a third runner in the box for layoffs at the top of the box.

Coaching Points:

  1. Attack the ball.

  2. Cover the near post runner´s shot first.

Download a printable pdf of this session and more target games in the Soccer Awareness Training Center