Speed Training Session

The following speed training drill comes from Ritchie Semple. Ritche is the Director of Football for LGC Events and has been coaching soccer for 18 years with 13 years’ experience at delivering soccer education programs. 

This drill and lots more like it can be found in "Best of Amplified Soccer Training Volume 2" and in Ritchie’s “6 Week Preseason Training Plan.”

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  • Player 1 sprints from the start red cone to the first red gate.

  • Player 1 then changes direction to run through the second red gate.

  • Player 1 then sprints to the final red cone.

  • Upon player 1 completing the run, player 2 then begins.

  • Having completed a full set on the red cones, players should repeat the session using the blue cones so as to work on a different change in direction.


  • Players should work maximally for between 5 and 9 seconds.

  • The work to rest ratio should be 1:4/5, therefore a player working for 6 seconds should be allowed at least 24 seconds rest.

  • During a session players should complete between 4 and 6 repetitions on each color without a break in between and repeat the session 2-3 times per week.

  • With smooth changeovers and appropriate numbers participating, the work to rest ratio should not need to be timed, as 1 player will rest while 4/5 other players complete the sprint.