Soccer Technology and Coaching

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Use of technology is essential for effective communication in a digital age

If you were to list the biggest challenges facing your team today, having the right technology for communicating with your players is probably not the top item on that list and may not be on the list at all. However, in a world filled with constant communication through new and advancing technologies and social media, every coach must find a way to get their message across effectively.  

Coaches now have the ability to communicate one message across multiple devices with one touch of a button, can watch multiple videos on a potential recruit or transfer and can scout an upcoming opponent by watching streaming video online. Wearable technologies from companies like Adidas, Nike, Polar and others are prevalent in training. Vanishing spray and goal-line technology have been introduced and in the case of goal-line technology are hotly debated. That’s just within the game. Off the field, young athletes’ lives today are filled with technology that gives them mobile access 24/7 and enables them to create and share content anywhere and in a variety of formats.

Technology is clearly at the core of almost every aspect of our daily lives and we must leverage it to provide more engaging and powerful learning experiences and communications. The truth is that players’ lives are highly influenced by technology and their use of technology and a coach that does not utilize technology to effectively communicate will likely not succeed. The challenge for coaches is to leverage the right technology to connect with athletes in a way that mirrors their lives off the field.

The amount of technology available to communicate with teams can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough education on how to best use these technologies. It is no wonder that coaches may struggle with them. Some of the latest technology, including some GPS and video programs, is priced and has a degree of staffing or sophistication needed that makes it out of the reach of the majority of coaches. The bulk of programs using these types of tools are fairly high level with the investment capital available. On a positive note, however, the majority of technology is reasonably priced and simplified so that even the least tech literate coaches can use it with the average mobile phone and/or computer.

Being able to relate to athletes better by providing them with training session expectations and communications to their mobile devices, tablets and computers creates not only an environment that can bridge a social gap but it can increase overall productivity by better utilizing coaching time. Coaches can cut down on their time preparing for practice by creating and showing training sessions, formations, set-pieces, positional expectations and more using digital coaching software.

In business, technology is used to increase efficiencies, cut costs and develop a competitive advantage. Unlike their business counterparts, however, coaches have been slow to adopt new technologies, one of the biggest reasons being the opinion that investment in technology is an unnecessary use of money.  There is often a fear of new technology and a hesitancy to change or possibly fail but the benefits that come from better communication and relating to players and more effectively educating them has proven to be well worth the risk as shown by many pro clubs and national teams, including the World Cup winning US Women’s National Team. It’s safe to say that being more efficient in communicating with your team or preparing for a session or drill would allow you more time to focus on other items at the top of your list of challenges. There are many tools out there and the purpose of this article wasn’t to review them or necessarily recommend what types of tools that you need to be using but to encourage and motivate you to embrace these technologies for the purpose of becoming more efficient and helping you better relate to your athletes. 

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