Soccer Awareness Sliding Rondos Using One and Two Touches

The following comes from Soccer Awareness eBook "Developing Players with Rondos Using the Soccer Awareness Philosophy"

This 222 page eBook explores the use of rondos in youth soccer. Rondos are a great way to prepare players for the game situations and especially the fast decision making needed within the game. I have included as a way to work into these game situations many Rondo ideas that I feel are great foundation builders for players learning to combine and play together. I have stayed with simplistic ideas that all levels of players can try and be successful at. It is up to each coach to work out how to make it work for their players.

Though the foundation of the basic rondo stays the same; we explore different ways to present it. It can be made easier or more difficult based on the number of touches players are allowed, for example, so it benefits ALL players who practice with them; also the size of area they play within can be manipulated to change the challenge. Preview Here

Regular Rondos are great; and this one encourages players to rotate in and out as the ball is moved. So always looking to change positions off the ball and every player gets the chance to be the PIVOT player. Eventually ALL players on attack can move and interchange, outside to in, inside to out and outside to outside. If defenders win the ball they try to keep it.

Sliding Rondos no rotational movement outside to inside

sliding rondos

Defending players stay in for one minute then change with outside players. Very fast tempo playing ONE touch where they can. We must play into the central neutral pivot player as often as possible. Do this one with no movement or rotation of players to begin.

Sliding Rondos using with only the pivot player changing

sliding rondos 2

Very fast tempo playing ONE touch where they can. Here (E) slides outside and (B) slides inside on the blindside of the ball and (D) makes a one touch pass to (C) who immediately passes to (B) to then pass to (A). Players must slide in and out as often as they can to keep the momentum going.

Sliding Rondos every player moving off the ball

Now we have movement off the ball in the 4 square as well as the pivot player. (C) passes to (B) the pivot player. Off the ball (E) has moved to (D) and (D) to (C) so (B) has to move to (E). (C) moves to be the pivot player. So (B) is passing to (A) but needs to scan around and behind to see where the free space is.

Finishing positions from the previous movements

Now the ball is with (A) and the cycle of passing and moving, on and off the ball continues.

Passing around the square

Can pass around the square also but challenge yourselves to work with the pivot player in the middle where defenders are.

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