Soccer Awareness Elite Academy and Barcelona Double Rondos for 10 Players – Part 1

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By Wayne Harrison/Soccer Awareness (Find out more about Wayne and Soccer Awareness at

This exercise is what the SAEA and Barcelona thinking model of passing and movement is built on. 

Players start at 7 years old and use it right thru the ages; and even at senior level it is a staple practice for the players. Please read to understand the “attention to detail” required to do this correctly.

This is a transition game teaching a mentality to switch from attacking to defending and defending to attacking We build it up to make it work with real pace and accuracy; as again; it speeds up the mind and body in decision making.

Coaching Points:

  1. The LOOK and THINK: developing a ONE touch mentality
  2. Developing fast footwork and body position
  3. Quality of passing, accuracy, timing and weight
  4. Clear communication between players
  5. Movement OFF the ball to create passing lanes
  6. Mental SWITCH when needed
  7. Rotational movements between players

SAEA Double Rondo with 10 players

barcelona double rondos

A ball each side one with pressure and one without pressure playing 1 touch. (A) and (B) work together in a pair, (C) and (D) work together as a pair. The player who loses the ball becomes the defender in the other side with his or her teammate.

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