Shooting Circuit

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Set Up: There are 8-12 players set up on the small field, starting at the cones.

Procedure: Player A begins the drill with a run from the goal post into the center, turning right at the center cone. The Feeder sets the ball back from the end line for Player A to finish. The drill continues in a counter-clockwise direction, with Player B beginning his run as soon as Player A has reached the cone. Player C follows Player B, and so on. After 5-10 minutes, the Feeders switch out and the shooters change direction.

soccer shooting circuit

Teaching Topics:

  1. Speed of approach
  2. Positive first touch
  3. Angle of approach


  1. Air ball service
  2. Hard service, two touch finish

Coaching Points:

  1. Once you are past the cone, slow down your run in order to adjust to the pass.
  2. The first touch should make for a better shooting angle. Don’t take the ball out wider.
  3. Approach the ball from a forty-five degree angle rather than coming straight on.

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