Scoring Exercises Warm Up

From Jeff Tipping, UEFA A License, USSF A License, Former NSCAA Director of Coaching Education

The following is an excerpt from Jeff’s book, Drills and Exercises to Develop the Elite American Soccer Player©

Warm up should be without a ball for the first 15 minutes as the coach needs the players to get really stretched out. Strikers must execute a wide range of twisting and turning movements which are specific to their position. All of the regular muscular areas must be stretched out with particular emphasis on thigh adductor and abductor, lower back, hip flexors, gluteus muscles and gastrocnemius and soleus areas. This can be followed by striking the ball in twos or threes with gradually increasing speed and power. It is good for the coach to practice shooting on the turn in the warm up.

scoring exercises warm up

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