Preseason Training Resources

With preseason for most teams just around the corner, we have pulled together a collection of preseason training resources to help you prepare your team to be at their best when the season starts. Resources come from professional, college and youth coaches and include fitness tests, full plans, strength programs and more!

5 Things to Consider When Planning Preseason

By John De Witt, Head Sports Performance Coach, Houston Dynamo Academy & Houston Dash

Recently, I met with Randy Waldrum, Head Coach of the Houston Dash, to discuss planning for preseason training. Our preseason begins March 14, with our first league match in April 16. This gives us about 5 weeks of formal preseason training, including a week long trip to Portland and two scrimmages against college teams. As we met and stated to plan, I came up with 5 things that we considered when developing our plan.  Read More

6 Week Preseason Training Plan

If you want to compete at your best at soccer, you need to commit to preseason training, so that your team’s strength and cardiovascular fitness peaks at the right time. 

This training program is a guide to how you should be preparing to be at your best next season. Read More

Fitness Testing Session - T-Test

Fitness Test

By Ritche Semple, Director of Football for LGC Events

This test is used to measure speed and agility and is appropriate for all players. It measures the time taken to complete a course that includes forward, lateral, and backward running. Read More

Chico State "YBMI" Fitness Test


The California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) is considered to be the toughest and most competitive NCAA Division II Conference in the country. By that measure, the Chico State women's soccer team is among the toughest of the tough. This program has seen a great deal of success over the years under Head Coach, Kim Sutton. At the beginning of each season, players at Chico are expected to complete all three fitness tests while passing two of them. The "YBMI" is one of these tests and it is designed to evaluate the fitness and recovery levels of players. Keep Reading

Pat Summit's Definite Dozen

pat summit's definite dozen

Pat Summitt established one of the greatest programs in the history of sports. Her teams were founded on a dozen principles that can lead to success and work for any team at any level. Read More

The “Gauntlet” KU Women's Soccer Fitness Test

gauntlet fitness test

KU’s success in 2014 can be attributed to numerous things, but one major change that occurred was the required and grueling preseason fitness tests. For more than ten years the team would have to run two fitness tests, the Beep Test and a shuttle test. The players would only have to pass at least one test to play and receive gear, but if they passed both tests, they did not have to participate in extra running during preseason. This yearly traditional routine changed in 2014 with a switch in strength coaches and in philosophies. A test called the “Gauntlet” was implemented. However, it is different from most fitness tests out there, having no required times to reach; all you have to do is finish it. Keep Reading

Yo-Yo Tests of Practical Endurance and Recovery for Soccer

yo-yo tests

By Jens Bangsbo, August Krogh Institute, Human Physiology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Yo-Yo tests include movement patterns, such as turning and acceleration, which occur in soccer. By using the Yo-Yo tests, the fitness level of soccer players can be determined quickly and easily. Read More