Planning an Annual Fundraising Event for a Soccer Organization

Over the course of the past two decades, soccer has become ever more popular in the United States. This includes soccer programs in colleges and universities, as well as in high schools and even middle and elementary schools. Recreational soccer organizations and leagues have also seen a sharp increase in participants during this same time period.

If you are associated with a youth or adult soccer organization or league, you understand the importance of addressing the financial needs of the group. Of course, individual participants tend to self-fund at least some of the costs associated with a soccer program. However, more often than not, an soccer organization relies on at least some fundraising to help defray the expenses associated with the program.

One avenue that can be pursued when it comes to funding a soccer program is organizing and hosting some sort of annual fundraising event. There are a number of factors that you need to bear in mind when you desire to organize and implement an annual fundraising event for your soccer organization or league.

Set Up an Event Committee

Your organization may already have a fundraising committee of some sort. That is a wonderful start when it comes to financing a soccer organization or league. However, if you desire to create and launch a special fundraising event, you really are best served by setting up a special committee to oversee that planning.

The event committee can draw members from your existing finance committee, assuming your organization has one. You should also draw from other people associated with your organization that might have unique skillsets that could prove beneficial to planning and presenting an annual special fundraising event.

When recruiting for an event planning committing, you will want to reach out beyond your soccer organization itself. Think about recruiting at least a couple individuals from the community more broadly to take part in planning an annual fundraising event. There undoubtedly are people you can identify that have demonstrated an interest in your organization, or in soccer more generally, who live in the community served by your organization who would be solid additions to your even planning committee.

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Select an Enduring Concept

When contemplating initiating a fundraising event that you desire to be an annual affair, your focus need to be on selecting and developing an event concept that will endure. For example, if your soccer organization or league already has some sort of annual awards program, consider tying that in with an annual fundraising event. You could plan an annual awards dinner through which event sponsors can purchase tables and make other financial contributions. This serves the dual purpose of celebrating the successes within the soccer organization or league and raises needed funding at the dame time.

Another idea of an enduring concept might be a soccer tournament. The soccer tournament can draw in participants from other organizations or leagues. This provides a variety of benefits. You give your own players an opportunity for tournament play. You raise awareness of your soccer organization or league. You have the potential for raising money from other organizations, leagues, or teams that elect to participate in your annual tournament.

In addition, a tournament also permits you the ability to obtain sponsors. These can include businesses that financially contribute to your organization at tournament time. An annual event like a tournament also provides you an opportunity to sell advertising associated with the event, an effort that can generate funding beyond paying the bills associated with the tournament itself.

Establish a Firm Budget

Before you launch your annual fundraising event effort, you need to delineate a specific, detailed budget. The goal is to raise money to benefit your soccer organization or league and you want to optimize that objective. The only way that you can be on a pathway to optimize the returns from your event is to have a highly structured budget in place for the endeavor.

When it comes to establishing a budget for an annual event, you may want to include a professional accountant in the process who has experience in budgeting issues. That individual need not have a specific background in either event planning or soccer. However, having someone on the team that has experience with budget development and implementation can be highly beneficial to your project.

Start Planning Early

Planning a major fundraising event even a year in advance is not beyond the norm. You need to start the planning process well in advance of your event to ensure that you cover all your bases.

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