Penalty Area Rondo

The following drill comes from Smedley’s Soccer Site.


Penalty Area Rondo A.png

Play begins with a 4 v 2 rondo in the central zone inside of the penalty area. Four additional players are stationed around the outside of the penalty area, teaming up with the two defenders in the 4 v 2 (Diagram A).

The attackers in the 4 v 2 score points by making a certain number of consecutive passes. When the defenders in the 4 v 2 win the ball, they pass to one of their teammates outside of the penalty area to begin the 6 v 4 to goal (Diagram B).

Any ball played out of the central zone (for example, a bad pass) also initiates the 6 v 4. The four outside players must stay out of the penalty area during play. When the defenders win the ball in the 6 v 4, they re-start play in the central zone.

Coaching Points:

  1. Speed of Play – Play in a one and two touch rhythm.

  2. Transition – Anticipate changes of possession and move first.

  3. “Switching Off” – Stay involved in play, and do not become a spectator.


  1. Use the offsides rule during the 6 v 4.

  2. All six attackers may enter the penalty area.