Passing Warm Up

The following passing warm up drill comes from Smedley’s Soccer Site.


Passing Warm Up 2.png

Player A passes to Player B, and then sprints around the pole towards Player C. Player C passes to Player A, who collects the ball and dribbles to the passing line. Player C goes to the running line. On the other end of the field, Player B controls the pass from Player A, passes the ball back up to Player E, and then sprints around the pole to receive from Player D. Player D moves over to the running line. Play continues in this pattern, with the players alternating between the two lines.

Coaching Points:

  1. Strike the top half of the ball in order to keep it on the ground.

  2. Direct your first touch to the side rather than straight ahead.

  3. Eliminate all unnecessary touches and play as quickly as possible.

Progression: Player A (B) wall passes with Player C (D) on his way to the passing line.