Passing and Receiving Training Session

The following session from Wayne Evans was originally posted by the National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada on their website at

Wayne is a UEFA “A” Licensed coach who also holds the FA Academy Managers’ License & the Advanced Youth Award. He also has the experience of working through the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP/Doublepass) set out by The FA & English Premiership & now MLS.

His personal philosophy is based on the player-centered approach, the 4 Corner Model: technical, psychological, physical & social. Wayne has created a curriculum that caters to the individual, having sessions that replicate the game & establishing a holistic learning environment that produces well-developed players.
During his rewarding coaching career, he has helped develop many players that have progressed to professional soccer careers, represented their countries at youth level, & have also joined US & Canadian universities on soccer scholarships.
Having been a Coach educator with three Provincial Associations, he is now specializing in Coach Education & Club Curriculums through his business, WE Soccer.

Learning Objectives:

  • Quality of Passing/Receiving Skills
  • Awareness/Decision Making
  • Movement

Technical / Tactical: Technique on Demand, Ball Mastery & Manipulation, Game Intelligence/Understanding

Physical: ABC’s, Acceleration, Deceleration, Change of Direction, Contact

Psychological: Awareness, Confidence, Concentration, Composure, Decision Making

Social: Demo Independence, Are Good Learners, Leadership, Recognize Importance of Teammates

Session Principles:

  • Keeping the Ball
  • Game Intelligence/Understanding
  • Technique on Demand
  • Movements Off the Ball
  • Awareness of Surroundings
  • Decision Making In & Out of Possession

Position Specific:

  • Understanding Specific Positional Play
  • In & Out of Possession Roles & Responsibilities
  • Game Understanding (Shape – Attacking/Defending Principles)

Passing Gates

  • Playing 1 or 2 Touch
  • Alternate Feet
  • Middle/Outside
  • Middle/Outside Bottom of foot

Area: Gates 2 yds apart / Players 2 yds away

Time: 30 secs - Count passes through gate

passing gates

Diamond Drill

  • Passing/Receiving
  • Movement off Mannequin
  • Awareness
  • 1st touch where?
  • Follow Pass

Area: 16x8yds

Time: 10mins

diamond drill

4v4 Directional Possession

  • Create Width/Depth
  • Angles of Support
  • Movement Off the Ball

Area: 30x15yds

Time: 2x8mins

S.S.G Diamond Shape

  • Aware of Surroundings
  • Decision Making
  • Movement Off the Ball

Area: 36x24yds

Time: 2x8mins