Passing and Finishing Development Game

The following is a preview from the March Issue of Amplified Soccer Athlete magazine. Are you getting the results you were hoping for with your training? Our latest issue has the resources that you need to change up your routine for maximum results.

By Wayne Harrison/Soccer Awareness (Find out more about Wayne and Soccer Awareness at

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Game Objective: Focus On Passing and Quick Finishing

  1. Eighteen teen players and a 4 v 4 game with side players to support and goal line players for 1-2’s to set up shooting chances. You can vary the number of players playing in the game.
  2. No off sides to begin. Players on the outside need to keep on their toes. Game lasts until players are beginning to be fatigued. Rotate outside players in, inside players out.

Progressions: Introduce offside from the third’s.

  1. Outside players 1 or 2 touch restriction on the ball.
  2. Inside players touches restriction on the ball.
  3. Player passes to outside player and switches, gets the players thinking especially if it is when the player coming in has only 1 touch so must immediately find a player.
  4. Occasionally bring in all the players so it’s a 9 v 9 with the keepers, this tests how they play in a restricted space with more players to deal with.
  5. Reduce the size of the area to 40 x 20, go 4 v 4, this gets more shots on goal.

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