Organizing a Trip for a Soccer Tournament

During the past few decades, an ever-increasing number of people have become active participants in soccer. This many times includes participating in soccer tournaments. If your soccer team or program is looking towards participating in an out of town soccer tournament, there at some facts and factors to bear in mind when it comes to organizing a trip.

Establishing Funding Parameters

When it comes to contemplating participation in a soccer tournament out of town, a key consideration is how the expedition is going to funded. Indeed, even if the tournament is local, there undoubtedly will be some costs that need to be addressed.

As a preliminary discussion is undertaken regarding a soccer tournament, your team needs to establish parameters on both how much money will be spend on the tournament, including travel and lodging, and how the money will be generated for the trip.

The process of establishing funding parameters needs to include setting forth what portion of the financial cost will be borne by team participants directly, if any. A decision needs to be made as to whether not individual team members will be provided a specific fundraising goal.

The bottom line is to ensure transparency when it comes to all issues associated with funding a tournament. When that transparency exists up front, the buy-in from team members and others is more significant. The potential for success of fundraising efforts for a tournament is enhanced.

Delineating Guidelines for a Soccer Tournament Trip

One of the reasons participating in a soccer tournament can go off the rails is a failure to establish clear guidelines for tournament team participants. This is crucial when a tournament is going to take a team on the road.

In developing guidelines for a team trip to an out of town tournament, attention must be paid to all aspects of the project. This is doubly important if the traveling team is made of youth.

The guidelines need to include parameters on the items that can be brought along on the trip. No matter the purpose of a trip, there will always be individuals with an inclination to over pack. This can be problematic when a team travels, and space can be limited.

The guidelines need to go so far as to set forth a curfew and other appropriate restrictions that may be necessary as a team travels for a tournament. A key reason for a curfew is to ensure that team members obtain appropriate rest during the tournament. There are also safety considerations as well.

The keys to successfully establishing tournament-related guidelines is to be proactive about developing them. You also need to make certain that there the team generally is on board with the need for and purpose behind guidelines.

Selecting Who Travels

A potentially agonizing aspect of an out of town soccer tournament is determining who travels. This is particularly daunting when a youth soccer team is at issue.

Of course, when a team is heading into a tournament, the desire to win is strong. That is completely understandable. That desire points to sending the best players on the team on the road.

As is often the case, a typical soccer team has players above and beyond those who are the best. Indeed, this consistently is the way a youth soccer program is organized.

Understanding this reality, if the funding can be raised, and logistics make it feasible, getting as many team members on the road is ideal. This does not necessarily mean that each and every team member will have play time. However, if the progress of a game during the tournament permits, giving all players at least a bit of time on the field is advisable.

Filling Out the Trip: Side Activities Beyond the Tourney

The primary purpose of a tournament trip is to play soccer, of course. However, there will be time between games in a tournament. In advance of departing for a tournament trip, planning side activities while in the tournament city is wise.

A trip to a soccer tournament can include different age-appropriate excursions out and about in and around the tourney destination city. These additional excursions can be particularly enriching for members of a youth soccer team.

As an aside, when it comes to developing a schedule of excursions during a tournament stay in a particular city, gleaning input from the entire team is wise. You better cover the bases when it comes to appropriate and enjoyable excursions during a tournament when the team has an actual role in the planning process.

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