Match Day Warm Ups

If you want to compete at your best at soccer, you need to commit to pre-season training, so that your team’s strength and cardiovascular fitness peaks at the right time. 

The fitness test below is part of a full 6 Week Pre-Season Training Plan this is a guide to how you should be preparing to be at your best next season. Click here to preview the plan.

Activity 1

match day warm up

Players jog freely on a half pitch.

Players perform various static stretches throughout the time period.

Total Time - 10 minutes.

Activity 2

soccer warm up

Players are organised into 2 groups. Players perform various fast footwork movements through the cones before accelerating to the next cone 10 yards away. Player then jog around last cone before returning to their starting position.

Total Time - 7 minutes.

Activity 3

Players are positioned inside a 50x40 yard grid with 6 balls. Players pass and move inside the grid. After passing the ball players perform various movements - Eg. Pass then side-shuffle 10 yards, Pass then back-pedal 10 yards etc, etc.

Total Time - 6 minutes.