Are You Prepared to Perform the KB Swing? Part 2

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In today’s society that’s filled with excess sitting and “social media gone wild” approach to life, many athletes have poor posture and an incredibly weak posterior chain – which is leading to the increase in injuries and the lack of confidence in athletic performance.

One exercise that can help combat these issues is the KB Swing.

However, there are a lot of working parts that need to be mastered in order to perform and experience all the benefits the KB Swing has to offer.

In Part 1 I go over three exercises that will help build a foundation and get you started down the path of mastery with this “biggest bang for your buck” exercise.

Are You Prepared to Perform the KB Swing? Part 1

In Part 2 I break down the swing with a three word mantra, HIKE-DRIVE-PLANK, that will get you swinging and building a bulletproof backside in no time.

Give it a look here:

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