Keep Young Soccer Players Focused on Footskills

The following articles comes from Ian Goldberg. Ian is the Founder and CEO of iSport360, a new SportsTech venture bringing objective goals and fair assessments to the parents, coaches and players in the chaotic world of youth sports.

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footskills graph.jpeg

What is the right blend of “technical” and “tactical” training for your child?

It was an amazing coincidence that after watching the movie “ Pelé:  Birth of a Legend” this weekend, I found a great graphic on the importance of technical training in young athletes.  

In the Pelé movie, the Brazilians call it “Ginga”, highly technical footskills that allow a player to dance a soccer ball elusively around defenders using many parts of the foot and body.  Disciplined coaches from Brazil to Bangalore are keeping their young players focused on footskills.  Yet, as parents, we frequently want our young players to focus on positioning, passing and field awareness.  My one word response:  RESIST!

Ryan Hodgson is National Director of Coaching Education at US Coaches Club.  I was so glad when he shared this simple graphic to show coaches, parents and players the importance of staying focused on technical training, especially for kids under 12.  I know it is frustrating to watch 6-10 year old players be out of position, or not making the right pass.  But Ryan will caution any coach that falls into the trap of spending too much time on tactics at the young ages.

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Ryan Hodgson is a professional soccer coach, and with the US Coaches Club, recently launched the Next Generation Youth Coaching and Leadership Diploma for high school student athletes.