Training Session Inspired by Trainers and Coaches Around the World

Our goal at Amplified Soccer Athlete is to provide committed soccer players with a variety of content to support them in their training endeavors and coaches with the tools they need to assist them. We are constantly finding innovative sessions and drills from coaches and trainers all over the world that influence the resources on our digital platforms. It is our belief that there is no one right way to train, rather, the act of putting in the time and doing the work is what makes the biggest difference. 

If you are a trainer or a coach and you are a part of this developmental process, we'd love to see what you are doing. Share some of your favorite session plans with us, get acknowledged on a national platform and help other coaches and trainers gain more resources to take to their sessions. More importantly, we will share this with our athlete readers who can take it to their individual training. 

The following session is one that was inspired by the likes of Beast Mode Soccer, Become Elite, Play the 1v1 Way, Next Level Footballers, AthleteFIT, Sportsy Football, and Superior Striker (modified to fit these players). This is a great one to use in your first session with a player to evaluate a variety of their abilities and skill level to help shape future session plans. This session is designed for 1-2 players, but can be modified to fit larger groups.

Equipment needed: 1-2 Soccer Balls, 20-30 Disc Cones, 5 Tall Cones, 1 Ladder

Warm Up:

Coaching Points: Use good form. Lock the ankles. Follow through to the target. Catch the ball like it's an egg. Stay on toes.

Coaching Points: Lift the knees. Be quick, but stay in control of your body. Increase speed each time through.


These are three great and diverse warm up activities to gauge touch, foot speed and fitness, and ball control. Also consider the following:

1.  Run 10 Yards at 50, 75 and 100%
2. Dynamic Stretching Exercises
3. Add Ladder Drills: Hop Scotch, Snake, Side Shuffle
4. Low Low High Juggling
5. Jumping Headers
6. Trapping Long Balls

Even if you only have a 1 hour session, warm ups should not be overlooked to reduce the risk of injury, but should always incorporate the ball to maximize the amount of touches the player will receive. 

Lock the ankles. Keep the ball below the knee. Allow
several attempts to get high score.

Technical Drills:

Coaching Points: Get as many touches as you can inside the box in one minute. Use the whole space, change direction, stay on your toes, use different surfaces of your feet. 

Coaching Points: Dribble through the cones quickly using the inside of your feet. Try not to touch any of the cones. Increase your speed each time through and change directions.

Dribbling Patterns:

Coaching Points: Dribble through as many gates as you can in one minute. Change pace and direction after passing through each gate. 

Coaching Points: Perform the touches inside the box technical drill above then dribble side to side to the next box and repeat. Keep good control of the ball. 

Coaching Points: Keep the ball close and tight to the cones. After each turn use explosive speed to get to the next cone. 

Dribbling Pattern + Passing Accuracy:

Coaching Points: Get through the cones as quickly as you can, but keep the ball under control. Once you have completed the cone set, look up, take a touch, square up, hit and follow through to your target. 

1 v 1 + Attacking and Defending:

Coaching Points (Defending): Close off the lane, forcing the opponent in one direction away from the goal. Stay on your toes and don't stab at the ball. Use your near foot to take the ball away and open your hips of your opponent cuts in the other direction. 

Coaching Points (Attacking): Combine a fakeout move (like the stepover) with one big touch by the defender. Use explosive speed and shield the opponent with your body as you continue toward your target.