How to Email Your Resume to Get More Job Offers

The following post comes from Natalie Severt, Resume Expert at Uptowork

Figuring out how to email a resume sounds like child's play. It's like sending any other email, right? 


If you're emailing a resume in reply to a random job offer and clicking send without a second thought, you are doing it wrong.

If you want to know how to send a resume that will result in an interview, then you have to start thinking about personalization

The best way to get the interview is to take a targeted, personal approach from the beginning.

Because wouldn’t it be nice if you could figure out how to email your resume to a real person who cared?

Impossible? No way.

In this article, I will show you the three-step process behind emailing a resume: 

  • How to establish contact with the right person when emailing a resume.
  • How to find email addresses and what to write in an email with your resume attached.
  • How to clean up your online presence before emailing a resume. 

1. Almost No One Makes a Personal Connection, But It Works So Well

If you apply to a large company, your resume could end up in oblivion among an average of 250+ other identical resumes

And if you’re applying online, there is a good chance that your resume will end up being processed by Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. 

That means R2D2 will scan your resume for keywords before it ever falls into human hands. 

The good news is that if you take a moment to think about how to email a resume to an employer, you can avoid both the bots and the curse of the general inbox. And the answer is simple:

Send your resume directly to the hiring manager. 

But it's not that simple.  

Let’s say you are among the 80% of Americans that start their job search by visiting job boards or the 70% who apply via social media.  

Online job offers don’t always reveal who is going to read your resume. Even though (81%) of job seekers say that they want to know, it just isn’t there. 

And that’s a shame because you are much more likely to get hired if the hiring manager knows of you beforehand. 

So, how do you get in touch with a hiring manager?

Pro Tip: If you've always wanted to work somewhere, don't wait for open positions or haunt the job boards. Reach out now by emailing a resume. Position yourself now so you'll be in the right place later.

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