Goalkeeper Warm-Up Drills

The following goalkeeper warm-up drills are part of our Goalkeeper Technical Workout. 

Now Available for instant download as a media rich pdf with links to videos for each drill.

While you’re in off-season or as you're getting ready for the season, here's a great individual goalkeeper technical training plan to help you take your game to the next level.

The program is broken by day as outlined below with each day including drills for that day with an outline and video demonstration of each drill. Technical is done 4 days a week (You have a choice to which 4 you choose). Get it Now

Footwork Warm-Up

goalkeeper footwork warm-up
  • Place a cone on the junction of the 6 yard box and the end line.

  • Place a cone 12 yards out from the cone which is the same distance as the penalty spot.

  • You start at the flag, move laterally and touch the post, move laterally back and around the flag and explode forwards towards the cone. Repeat in sets of five doing five sets total.

  • Remember stretch after each set, also increase pace and effort after each set making out speed on the last set.


Get to Know the Box

Get to Know the Box Warm-Up

Use the dimensions of the 6 yard box.  Place a cone (5 total) at each corner of the 6 yard box as well as in the middle.  

You must start at the middle cone and make your way around each of the four cones and end at the middle cone.  You must keep your shoulders square to the playing field at all times.  Your head should be up to watch the field of play instead of the ground.  Once you reach the middle cone, drop to the ground count to 5 and go again.  Warm up is done in sets of 3 with 3 total sets.  After each set stretch REMEMBER pace yourself start easy and finish hard.

Cone Pick-up

Place 12 cones shaped like a triangle with the base of the triangle having five cones then four then three.  Directly in front of the middle of the three cones place another cone eight yards away.

Starting at the single cone face the triangle, quickly run to the triangle and pick up all the cones, run back to and around the single cone and then lay down the cones again perform three sets of three.

Remember to stretch after each set stay low and be quick.



Place cone one (1),10 yards away from cone two (2). Place cone three (3) five yards to the left of cone two (2). Place cone four (4) five yards to the right of cone two (2). 

Begin at cone 1 and end at cone 1 

Example of drill: Sprint from cone 1 to cone 2: shuffle from cone 2 to cone 3; shuffle from cone 3 to cone 4; shuffle from cone 4 to cone 2; and backpedal from cone 2 to cone 1. 

Important: While you are sliding, you cannot cross your feet.  You must touch cone upon arriving at point. Perform three sets of three