Goalkeeper Recovery Drill

The following comes from Don Herlan (Smedley). Much more like this can be found from Smedley on his site at www.smedleyssoccersite.com.

Set Up: Two shooters are set up outside the penalty area on opposite sides of the field. The goalkeeper starts on his line.

Procedure: The goalkeeper begins the drill by coming off of his line and out to the 12. The first shooter hits the goalkeeper in the hands from close in, and after the goalkeeper saves, the second shooter drives a ball towards the crossbar from 30 yards out. The goalkeeper must recover back and make the save at the far post. The speed of the drill can be increased to force the goalkeeper to get over quickly for the second ball. During the drill, the goalkeeper switches out after saving the second ball.

goalkeeper recovery drill

Teaching Topics:

  1. Concentration.
  2. Recovery run.
  3. Decision making.

Coaching Points:

  1. Play one ball at a time. Make sure of the first save before moving for the second.
  2. Take small, quick steps as you recover back, and angle the run towards the far post.
  3. Choose to catch or tip the ball over the bar as early as possible.

Progressions: The goalkeeper must dive on the first ball