Goalkeeper Diving Drills

The following goalkeeper rills are part of our Goalkeeper Technical Workout and can also be found in Best of Amplified Soccer Training 3. Shop the Amplified Soccer Market for more coaches training resources.

goalkeeper diving drill

Place 4 cones (orange) and 4 cones (yellow) six yards apart and alternating every yard from the goal line to almost the top of the 18 yard box. Place a ball at each of the flags and cones. The server stands at the top of the D with a set of balls.

You start on the goal line and work your way forward. The server shouts “orange” which means dive to the right, and “yellow” dive to the left. Five sets of three. Next add a shot by the server from the top of the D, after the shot the server yells a side (orange or yellow) five sets of three. If you only have one color cones then the server will shout left or right.

Points to Remember:

  • Always dive forward to the next cone or flag when the shout is “orange” or “yellow”.
  • Shoot your hands to the ball first.
  • Plant step is at a 45 degree angle.

Next set up three cones (hurdle or bag) to the side of the goalkeeper.

Place a diagonal row of cones starting from four yards away from the obstacle (1 yard between each cone). The server stands 6-8 yards in front of the diagonal row of cones with several balls.

You must jump over the three cones (obstacle) and then “protect” the cones by saving the server’s shot. Five sets of ten.

Points to Remember:

  • Jump and land with two feet.
  • Shoot your hands to the ball.
  • Decide to catch or parry the ball.