Goalkeeper Distribution Drill

The following comes from Don Herlan (Smedley). Much more like this can be found from Smedley on his site at www.smedleyssoccersite.com.

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Set Up: There are 8-10 players set up in the attacking third, starting at the cones.

Procedure: Goalkeeper 1 plays the ball outside to Player C, running down the line. Player C passes to the feet of Goalkeeper 2, who opens up and distributes the ball to Player D, running up the line. Player D returns the ball to the Feeder. Goalkeeper 1 then re-starts the drill to the opposite side with a pass out to Player E. The players work in a shuttle fashion on the sidelines during the course of the drill, and the goalkeepers switch places every five minutes.

goalkeeper distribution drill

Teaching Topics:

  1. Switching the field.
  2. Receiving.
  3. Passing.


  1. Two touch passing only.
  2. Goalkeeper 2 runs to the outside before passing.

Coaching Points:

  1. With his first touch, Goalkeeper 2 opens up and looks to the opposite side of the field.
  2. The goalkeeper should be up on his toes and ready to run with his first touch.
  3. The back pass should be made right away to discourage runs at the goalkeeper.

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