Goalkeeper Circuit

The following drill comes from Smedley’s Soccer Site.


Player A begins the drill with a pass up to F1. F1 can shoot on either goal (he chooses Player B in the diagram), and Player A runs the agility course towards Player B’s goal. Player B makes the first save and distributes the ball out to F2. F2 then shoots on the other goal and Player C. The goalkeepers then rotate, with Player C running the agility course back to the start, Player B moving over to the other goal, and Player A taking his place in the open goal. Player D then begins the next sequence.

Coaching Points:

  1. First Touch – Open up as you receive, create the best angle and distance for striking the ball.

  2. Ball Striking – Hit a driven ball with backspin so that the receiver can make a good first touch.

  3. Vision – Look up and spot the target before you drive the ball. Narrow your focus.

Progression: F1 and F2 play in combination before shooting on goal.

Goalkeeper Circuit.png