Flank Attack Drill

The following flank attack drill comes from Smedley’s Soccer Site.

Flank Attack.png


The Feeder begins the drill with a pass up to Player A. Player A plays a back pass to Player B or Player C, while Players D and E make overlapping runs down the line. From there, the ball is played out to either flank player for a cross and finish.

Coaching Points:

  1. Speed of Play – Play one touch passes when you can, use two touches when you should.

  2. Timing the Runs – The flank players have to watch the play develop and adjust their runs according to the speed of play. Poor passing and receiving will throw off their timing.

  3. Deception – Avoid becoming predictable with the combinations and the thru pass. Look away from the flank you want to attack and get the defenders to move away from the intended target.

Progression: Add three defenders, begin the attack with a pass to the target man (Player A).