Five Goal Game

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Set Up: There are fourteen players set up on a large field, playing 7 v 7 with three goalkeepers.

Procedure: During play, the teams try to score in the three triangle goals and the two small goals placed around the field. Goalkeepers are stationed inside of the triangle goals. Goals can be scored in any direction and players can score consecutive goals at the same goal. Balls put out of play are re-started by the Feeder. Games are played to 11 points, win by two.

5 goal game

Teaching Topics:

  1. Changing the field.
  2. Transition.
  3. Decision making.

Progressions: Play with five triangle goals. The goalkeepers have to move in order to cover all five goals.

Coaching Points:

  1. When a goal closes down, pull the ball out and change the point of the attack.
  2. Anticipate changes of possession in order to have a faster transition than the opponent.
  3. Maintain possession until a good scoring chance presents itself.

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