Finishing Drills Making Use of the Entire Team


The following training session comes from 2016 Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic Featured Presenter, Brian Bliss, from Sporting Kansas City. Registration for the 2017 Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic at Mohegan Sun is now open.   The 2017 soccer coaches' clinic takes place February 23 - 25 at the Mohegan Sun Convention Center in Connecticut. Learn more at

This drill incorporates game related components and involves the whole team in the build-up to the shot. The outline for this drill is below the video along with the rest of the session outline. Get the full video

Rectangle grid with up to 4 players per corner. Follow the pass sequence for quick ball movement to achieve a up- back and through pattern for player 1 to receive on the run, collect the ball and shoot at the top of the 18yd box.

Players 2 and 3 are 1 touch.

Player 1 must time his run based on quality of pass sequence.

Through pass from player 3 should be on the ground and bent into path of player 1 so that the run is not interrupted.

Quick transition from one rep to the next. Next rep should start upon player 3 making layoff to 2.

Grid outside top of the box. Target player positioned around arc. Players in grid play possession of 4v4+2. Upon good rhythm, a pass is made to target player who then makes layoff for a shot.

Extra players waiting outside grid to replace the player(s) of the team who followed pass for the shot.

Increase demands with 3rd man running and various combos at top of box.

Coach continues to supply balls and keep game going with a good flow.

Groups of 3 where by the 2 players shoot from distance from layoff from coach.

Both players return quickly to starting point and join player 3 in a triangle for quick passing sequence 1 touch.

On Coach's whistle the ball is played to wide player on either side of the penalty box for runs into box and cross and finish.

Next set of 3 players start again with 2 long distance shots and a cross and finish.

High tempo activity to create game realism.

6 v 3 grid near top of the box.

5 passes and ball is served to wide players. The passer and the last 2 players to touch the ball all make runs into the box.

2 of the 3 defenders must track runners and coordinate marking.

Extra players ready to replace those attackers and defenders who exit (5 new players each time).

Establishing possession and finishing in the box.

Defensive work is also being cemented with tracking of runners and clearances.