Finishing Game 8v8 (4v4 with 4 wide)

The following training session comes from Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic Co-Founder and Featured Presenter Tony DiCicco. Registration for the 2016 Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic is now open. 

This is a finishing and crossing game. It is 4v4 with 4 teammates on the outside. The outside players on the attacking half can dribble in and create 3-goal options. The attacking player on the defensive half must serve the penalty area. Goalkeeper communication and ball winning is highlighted.

Field size 36 yards long - 44 yards wide

4v4 play in center.  2 players from each team are on each flank.  Wide players in attacking half can dribble in to create goal scoring opportunities.  Outside players on defensive half should flight the box to create goal scoring opportunities

Play for 3 minutes and swap outside and inside.

All corner kicks start with goalkeeper.

Key Coaching Points:

  1. Field is short, encourage shooting.
  2. Encourage combination play
  3. When balls go wide, runs into the box need to be coached and should be near post, far post and slot runs
  4. Follow up all shots
  5. Coach quality of flank service
  6. Coach defending.  Improve defending to make it more difficult to score
  7. Coach Goalkeeper communication and organization and distribution along with handling and dealing with crosses

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