Finishing Circuit

The following comes from Don Herlan (Smedley). Much more like this can be found from Smedley on his site at


The first player in Line A runs thru the first ladder, and then stops to play a double pass with the Feeder. After passing back to the Feeder, he continues thru the second ladder to play a double pass with the first player in line B. After striking the return pass, he immediately turns into the field to receive a thru pass from the Feeder. He then finishes first time on goal.

finishing circuit

Coaching Points:

  1. Vision – When making the thru run, turn and look for the ball as soon as possible.
  2. Receiving – Look towards goal as the thru pass is made, and spot the goalkeeper.
  3. Finishing – Adjust your run and your shooting angle so that you can shoot at all four corners.

Progression – Use two sets of ladders and runs players in both directions at the same time. The first player thru the second ladder is the attacker and the second player becomes the defender.