Drills to Improve Your Teams Free Kicks

The following drill is from Ritchie Semple. Ritche is the Director of Football for LGC Events and has been coaching soccer for 18 years with 13 years’ experience at delivering soccer education programs.

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Going Around the Wall

free kick drill
  • This set piece involves 3 players with other midfielders and forwards present looking for rebounds. It is intended primarily for indirect kicks (but works just as well for direct kicks) in or near the penalty box.
  • Offense: Players A and B line up as if both are ready to take the kick. Player C is near the far corner of the box. On a set cue, either raising a hand or yelling out a number, A moves to the ball as if taking the shot but instead steps over the ball and continues to the near post side of the wall. At the same time, C begins a sprint toward the far-post end of the wall. B approaches the ball and makes a firm pass to B who then one-touches it to A, who by this time is just behind the wall and takes a one-touch shot on goal. 
  • Note: B also has the choice of shooting on goal if the wall 'falls-apart' by the deception of A.
  • B also has the option of turning and shooting if there is a viable lane, but the centre of the box will most likely be clogged with defenders. The real trick to this piece is the firm, controllable passes. They must be quick and on-target. This is a game-winning piece that works well with practice, practice, practice.
  • Defense: The trick to defending this piece is getting the wall in place very quickly and not letting the initial fake pull the wall apart. The near-post defender will have a tendency to peel off to mark A, thus shortening the wall and leaving a possible near-post shot on goal by B.

Angles on the Wall

angles on the wall.png
  • This play is for 3 or 4 players (you can omit the initial fake shot on goal by player A) for a direct or indirect free-kick anywhere in and around the penalty box. This is a fairly simple piece all teams can utilize.
  • Offense : Players A and B line up to take the shot. C is 7 to 10 yards to the right or left of the ball, 3 to 4 yards goal-side of the ball. Player D is in front of the wall on the near post side. Player A fakes the shot on goal and continues toward the far side of the wall. Player B then makes a short quick pass in front of player C to take the shot on goal. Player D and player A effectively 'pinch' the wall, freezing them for a second. Player A must be sure to stay wall-side of the ball and in the way of any attacking defenders, without intentionally obstructing, of course! Timing Player A's run, player D spins and sprints behind the wall looking for rebounds. Player C, taking the shot, should concentrate his shot low and on the near-post (from the initial ball position).
  • Defense : Get set up quick with the tallest player near post. Don't let the fake shot crumble the wall. And don't forget to mark player D once he makes his move to goal.