Developing Players Technically

This session was presented at the 2017 Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic by Sigi Schmid. Find out more about the Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic.

WU "Y" Shape Passing Exercise

  • Cones set up in a "Y" shape with two players on each cone except one at the middle cone
  • Sequence #1 - Ball starts with player #1 who plays a pass to #2 who opens up off the cone, receives and then passes to #3. #3 collects and dribbles back to end of the starting line.
  • Players follow their pass and move up one spot on the rotation.
  • Next passing sequence goes up the left side and then alternates left and right side practice.
  • Sequence #2 - 1st pass goes into #2 then back to #1 then up to #3 who then plays a 1-2 pass off #2 and then dribbles to the end of the start line.
  • Sequence #3 - 1st pass to #2 then back to #1 then up to #3 who plays back to #2, at this point #4 runs through and receives pass from #2. The final run is forward not back to starting point.
  • Sequence #4 - 1st pass to #2 then back to #1 then up to #3 , at this point #3 plays a wall pass to #4

Small Sided Game: 6 v 6 + 2N to 2 goals

  • The teams play 8 v 6 possession in the middle area trying to penetrate the endzone they are attacking using combination play.
  • If a team breaks into the zone then defenders do not enter and the player has 2 touches to finish on small goals.
  • At this point the defending team receives a ball and attacks the other end playing 8 v 5 while the 6th defender tries to recover. Emphasis on quick combination play.
  • Neutral players cannot make final runs into end zone, they are supporting players in the middle zone.

Expanded Small Sided Game: 8 v 6 + GK with 2 counter goals

The 8 attack the large goal and try to unbalance the defense and use combination play to get behind and penetrate. Possible touch restriction to encourage combination play.

The 6 defend and when they win the ball try to attack the 2 small goals. They have unlimited touches and want to use quick combination play to get forward.