Developing Midfielders in Attacking Play

The following session comes from Julie Foudy and Tony DiCicco and was presented at the 2016 Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic.

Developing Midfielders in Attacking Play Warm-Up

developing midfielders in attacking play warm-up

Warm-up 1:

  1. Groups of 4 passing in a 4x4 grid
  2. Move to vertical organization to create lay-off pass and quick support movements

Keys are:

  1. Taking looks to increase range of play
  2. Support movements to improve speed of play
  3. Passing technique

Warm-up 2: Passing through disks 8 yards apart

  1. Receive wide, pass through cones, change lines
  2. Receive wide, spin turn and pass through
  3. Receive wide, spin turn, 1-2 to get in

Patterns of Play to get in behind the defense - 4 players (CF - Wing Forward - 2 Center Midfielders)

patterns of play to get in behind the defense

Pattern 1: MF plays to WF and overlaps, WF plays to CF who plays to CF who plays MF in.

Pattern 2: MF plays to CF; WF supports centrally and play MF making a vertical run in behind. CF makes bent run to get in also.

Pattern 3: MF plays to WF. WF plays to CF who 1-2s with MF to get in.

Change of Point Game - 4 or 6 goal game played

Change of Point Game

Reinforce the role of the CF to change the point to weak side to create space for personality players or number-up situations. Also encourage double-change.

Add Restriction - Divide field into thirds. In outside thirds no touch restriction. In middle third 2 touch restriction.

Play 3+3 vs 3+3 to one goal

3+3 vs 3+3

Start with free play to score.

Add restriction that there must be a combination play to score.

  1. Take-over
  2. Wall pass
  3. Overlap
  4. 3 player combination

Finish 6v6 to two goals no restrictions

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