Developing Good Feet Through Technical Repetition

The following session comes from Jeff Cook, Head Coach, Union Academy U16 and Bethlehem Steel FC Assistant Coach, and was presented at the 2014 Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic. Find out more about the Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic.

Focus on controlling touch with an emphasis on player in the middle.

developing good feet


  • 5 players in a playing area approximately 20 x 20 yards (adjust for age/level)
  • 3 balls among 4 outside players.
  • Middle player to receive, turn and play to free player outside.
  • 45-60 second intervals and rotate.

Coaching Points:

  • Body shape
  • First touch
  • Position of receiving foot
  • Quality and weight of entry pass

Focus on receiving with an active first touch. Awareness and Footwork.

awareness and footwork



  • Working in groups of 6 - 2 players playing triangle passing game.
  • 4 players 3v1 1 touch possession
  • Rotate 2 players after 2-3 minutes

Pairs Passing:

  • Players on 2 touch
  • Play thru to teammate
  • Receiving player must use first touch to move to opposite side of triangle
  • Return pass

Coaching Points:

  • First touch active
  • Body position
  • Deception
  • Invention

Passing and receiving in motion / combination play

passing and receiving in motion

Working down both sides, receiving players must always make 'pre-movement' - not alloewd to stand still when receiving pass.

First player plays out to target, who plays to wide player, first player supports and then changes angle to play combination with wide player. Rotate in a clockwise manner.

Development - overlapping player to receive in space.

overlapping player to receive in space

First player plays out to target, who plays to wide player, first player supports but now plays into space for overlapping teammate.

Coaching points:

  • Focus on details of the pass
  • Weight and angle
  • Setting up touch is crucial
  • Ideal is 1 touch, 2 if necessary
  • Emphasize timing of player movements - keep space alive