Correct Foot Passing

By Jeff Tipping, UEFA A License, USSF A License, Former NSCAA Director of Coaching Education

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Coaches must teach players to pass the ball to a specific foot – not just blindly pass the ball to anywhere. 

It is important that when players make decisions about passing the ball to a team mate – they take into consideration the positioning of the opposition. A player who has no pressure from a defender should have the ball played to the front foot thus enabling the player to move forward with the ball speedily.  

correct foot passing scenario 1

On the other hand, sloppily passing the ball to the front foot of a player who is marked by an opponent is an invitation to have the ball intercepted. In scenario 2 the defensive player is close to the receiving player so the passer plays the ball to the team mates back foot, away from the defender. 

correct foot passing scenario 2

Sophisticated coaches will make sure players make these provisions when passing to a team mate.