Conditioned Possession Game - Press & Score

If you want to compete at your best at soccer, you need to commit to preseason training, so that your team’s strength and cardiovascular fitness peaks at the right time. 

The drill below is part of a full 6 Week Preseason Training Plan. This plan is a guide to how you should be preparing to be at your best next season. Click here to preview the plan.

This is a moderate intensity aerobic training session.

Players play a continuous possession game on a large pitch (40x30m). The aim is for team in possession to score. If they score then, they keep possession until the opposition win possession & score to make game equal. When the game is equal – the team in possession aims to score. This sequence is followed for the duration of the game.

Duration to equate to approximately 30 minutes (e.g. 6 x 5 min games; 5 x 6 min games; 8 x 4 min games; 3 x 10 min games; 4 x 8 min games). This type of game with more than 3 players per team should have a duration of 10 mins to allow players HR to increase & be maintained for at least 4 mins.

conditioned possession game