Combination Play Session

The following is a preview of a full combination play session from Smedley in the Best of Amplified Soccer Training Volume 1.

Session Outline

Dynamic Warm Up (Time: 15m)

Fundamental: Combo Circuit #3 (Time: 20m)

Notes: Use as a warm up drill first, and then get more demanding as the players get into the flow of practice. Require one touch passing, increase the speed of play, get picky about the timing of the runs and the speed of the thru passes.

Match Condition: 3 v 2 -> 1 v 2 (Time: 20m)


  • The attackers should look for up and back combos when playing the ball into the box.
  • Since all of the players can cross over with the pass, there should be overlaps and walls available as the ball is played in.

Match Related: 5 v 5 v 5 (Time: 30m)


  • During the drill, runs should be made ahead of the ball. These attackers can then come back to the ball to set walls. It’s a textbook situation for wall passes.
  • Attackers who do not get ahead of the ball can look to overlap.

Free Play 9 v 9 to 11 v 11 (Time: 30m)

Notes: Play the starting midfielders together in the first 15 minutes. Add the starting outside backs to that group for the last 15 minutes. Are we getting walls in the center and overlaps on the outside?

Cooldown (Time: 15m)

Combo Circuit #3 / Fundamental / Combination Play

combination play circuit

Set Up: There are 12-15 players set up on the small field, starting at the cones.

Procedure: During the drill, the ball moves clockwise around the grid, with the players performing combinations in each corner. In corners A and C, the two players combine to send the player thru towards the next corner. In corners B and D, the two players perform a wall pass to send the player towards the next corner. The players follow their passes to the next cone during play, and there should always be two balls moving during the drill.

Teaching Topics:

  1. The Wall pass
  2. Passing
  3. Timing the runs

Progressions: Quick two touch play with each pass

Coaching Points:

  1. A poor first pass in the wall pass combination will lead to a poor second pass.
  2. The thru pass can be played into space for the receiver to run onto.
  3. Hold the thru runs so that you can sprint onto the ball as you receive it.

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