Capturing Your Team’s Best Soccer Moments

YouTube has over one billion users - which means that almost one third of everyone on the Net, is watching videos. From influencer content to local community and sports events, video is a dynamic way to keep audiences connected and soccer teams proud of their recent achievements. If you would like to start recording your own and your team’s best moves, read on and make sure you have all the essentials you need for a slick production that looks like it was professionally recorded.

Choosing the Right Equipment for Sport Video Recording

Anyone with a smartphone is a budding video recorder these days, but if you are after really sharp, close-up action shots, investing in a camera and a telephoto zoom (such as a 70- to 300-mm zoom) will enable you to hone in on the ball, players, and area of play. A camera is ideal if you want a blend of photographs and videos but if you want to focus on video, choose a high-definition camcorder with 4K resolution. Your camera should ideally have a back-facing camera, so you can record your own reactions as well as the action taking place on the field. If a 4K camera is a bit out of your budget, try one with 1080p and an optical zoom of at least 30x. For on-the-field action, a GoPro will enable you to take cool shots from the player’s perspective, which you can add to your video cam footage at the editing stage.

Honing Your Editing

Using the right music, cutting video down to size, and including fun effects can have a big effect on your audience. If you are a total beginner and you feel like you would benefit from classes, online video training at a site like will have you editing in a matter of weeks. If you have already mastered the basics, Final Cut Pro is the way to go. It will enable you to create gorgeous titles, transitions, and effects. There are full free tutorials of Final Cut Pro, including one on Final Cut Pro X by David A Cox, considered to be an excellent starter’s tutorial.

Uploading Your Video to Social Media

If you will be creating many videos, rather than simply sharing them on Facebook or uploading short stories on Instagram, setting up a YouTube channel is the way to go. Uploading videos to YouTube is a cinch and any videos you upload can easily be shared on all your other channels. Once you build up a healthy following, ensure your YouTube content is found via SEO techniques. For instance, you should use tags your audience might use to search soccer-related content; create engaging content so you have a high viewing rate; create irresistible thumbnails; and eventually consider SEO software for optimizing YouTube content.

Getting Your Team Onboard

Soccer videos don’t only have to comprise actual games. Why not set up a podcast with two or more of your soccer buddies, recording your session and uploading it to YouTube? You can also include pre- and post-game interviews, game analyses, and interviews with coaches, soccer experts, and star players.

Creating cracking soccer videos will enable you to capture treasured memories, connect with other soccer lovers, and, eventually, start a YouTube channel that could end up involving commentary on soccer as a whole. To ensure you build a solid following, create crisp, clear, well edited videos. Use SEO to boost your views. Finally, rely on talented friends and experts who are willing to share their expertise with your viewers.