Blind Side Runs

The following drill comes from Smedley’s Soccer Site.


Blind Side Run A.png

Diagram A – To begin the drill, Player A fakes a pass towards Player C, but plays to Player B instead. Player C holds his run, and then sprints in behind the first mannequin to receive the thru pass from Player B. Player C makes a return pass to Player B, and then runs around the first mannequin.

Diagram B – As Player C gets on the blind side of the mannequins again, Player B fakes to him, and then passes to Player A. Player C holds his run again so that he can make the blind side run behind the second mannequin and receive the final pass from Player A. Player C >> D for the re-start.

Blind Side Run B.png

Players making the blind side runs stay in that line. Players in the two passing lines switch lines with each turn. So groups of three will remain together during the drill. New players rotate into the line making the blind side runs every five minutes.

Coaching Points:

  1. Timing the Run – Watch the combination develop. Be prepared to hold if a poor touch is made.

  2. Speed of Play – Sprint into the open space, don’t jog.

  3. Communication – When it’s time, show yourself and call for the ball.

Progression: Add a third passing line to the drill to the left of Player B for more passing options.